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Ok… lets talk money as this is what this site is all about – making money, financial independence, freedom to live the life you want to live….  I always wanted to be able to make enough money to do whatever I wanted to do – to be able to provide for myself and my family, help my friends, give to worthy causes – essentially to have financial freedom.

Early on in my career I was involved in a very successful business, however with an economic downturn the business eventually folded. Since that time I set up a few more business enterprises that did ok but not ok enough to give me that financial independence I so desired. But I would make excuses – tell myself that I was too busy, or too tired to make real money, serious money… that “life” was getting in the way of me focusing on my financial goals… that money wasn’t that important anymore -huh!

Anyway, a few years back I knew it was crunch time for me. Although things were going great in every other aspect of my life I was sick and tired of just making enough money to live on. I realised that I did want to earn  a substantial income again, I needed to, & I figured it was now or never! I needed to really, totally focus on reaching my financial goals once and for all – I called it “wealth creation”- and after researching various options I made the crucial – and a bit scary at the time – decision, to take up Internet Marketing, as a way of  being able to fulfill my financial goals… and I am so glad I did! I am well on the way to doing just that with my Internet Marketing Business.

Its working so well for me that I really want to share this with other people who have been in my position – those of you who have the desire to be financially successful but don’t know what to do or where to start. You may have very little, or no money. Well, whether you have some money or no money, this is where to start and how to do it – come and share the journey… lets create wealth together – here’s to financial independence for life!

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