How Important are Backlinks and Link Building

How Important are Backlinks and Link Building

Backlinks are basically the life-blood of a website or blog. I guess that’s why they are often referred to as link ‘juice’. Without that ‘juice’ flowing into your site, in the form of other relevant sites linking to yours, the site that you have most probably lovingly and carefully built, will wallow in limbo land. Whether you intend to make a living from selling products as an affiliate from your site, setting up your own e-commerce website or sharing your views online with like minded individuals, all will be lost if prospective visitors, buyers or  bloggers can’t reach you because they don’t know you’re there. Back links and link building done correctly will fix that problem.

There is of course a chance your site will get noticed as time passes, or perhaps by accident, however, by setting your site up in such a way that others can find it easily, and interact with it, is definitely the better option. SEO, both on-page and off-page,  is a big subject which I am not going to cover in this article. I will however note here that the most important component of on-site SEO is offering quality content to your visitors – giving them a quality visiting experience so they will stay on your site long enough to respond positively to your call to action, whatever that may be.

Not all Backlinks are Created Equal

The best kind of backlinks come from natural, organic linking, the type that happens when other relevant sites link to yours because they like what you have to offer in the way of great articles, posts, images, information that visitors to your site find interesting and useful. Quality content. However, if a site is new, it will need a bit of a nudge to get it started on its way to being found by people and  web masters searching online, so this is where you can use ‘white-hat’ linking techniques to get that link juice flowing. The worst type of backlinksare those that result from utilizing ‘spammy’ links or link farming techniques. Stay well clear of those if you want to stay in the likes of Googles and Yahoo/Bings good books. Your spammy backlinks will most likely be found by them, and your site will be sand-boxed.

How to Get Backlinks?

You could, use a free tool called Back link Builder. This will help you quickly find other sites that are relevant to yours. You can then interact on their site, post some relevant comments and get a link back to your site if the web-master approves it. If your comments are meaningful and relevant, (they don’t need to be too long – a few good sentences will do) 9 times out of 10 they will be approved, and there you go, you’ve got yourself a back link. Now, rinse and repeat.

The bottom line is, the more quality back links you have, the higher up the search engines page list you will go, the ultimate goal being number one on page one in Google or other search engines.

There are a number of  back link builder tools and services available, some are free – like here –  some you pay for, that can give your website a good start in life, or re-vitalize it if its been wallowing on page 1000 in the search engines. Just be careful that you don’t waste money buying link packages that are basically worthless as far as giving your site quality ‘link juice’ is concerned. Do your homework first.

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Backlinks are essential to all websites, they are the ‘vote of confidence’ that search engines such as Google will recognise and reward you for, by moving you up the page list and ranking ‘ food chain’. It’s hard going  to be seen by anyone out there in cyber-space, if you don’t have any, or very few, back links. By employing ‘white-hat’ linking strategies consistently over a period of time, your efforts will pay off, and you will have visitors arriving to your site. Remember what I said at the beginning of this article about on-page SEO – just make sure you look after them properly when they get there!

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