How To Build a Mailing List – by improving your opt-in page

How To Build a Mailing List – by improving your opt-in page

How to build a mailing list is a crucial skill that any serious internet marketer must master. One of the major problems that new list builders experience is that they simply aren’t able to convert visitors. They might pump hundreds of dollars into various promotional schemes, such as Google AdWords, but ultimately, when people arrive at the site, they don’t sign-up. They might have invested a great amount of time researching the perfect niche and the perfect product to sell, but when people arrive at their site, once again, those hard-won visitors don’t sign up!

In this article, I focus on how to build a mailing list through improving subscription rates by tinkering with your opt-in page. I want you to avoid thinking about how you can generate hundreds or thousands of new visitors to your site, and instead think about how you can improve your opt-in page, so that it actually converts the people who show up.

I suggest three methods:

1. Split test. When it comes to copy writing, split testing is a must. Sales pages have so many features to tune and refine, that it is often hard to separate the ones that work from the ones that do not. The only way you can be certain that you’ve gotten it right is to test changes in isolation—that is, with everything else held constant. And this is at the core of split testing.

So, next time you have an idea, try testing it on a new page—not your existing opt-in page. Set up a tracking system for your ‘test’ page, send similar quality traffic to that page, and observe the results over a couple of weeks. By identifying the most suitable opt-in page scenario that your readers will respond to will help you improve your conversion rates.

2. Shorten your copy. In general, marketers, when discussing how to build a mailing list, don’t suggest this. But when it comes to list-building, so-called “squeeze pages” that are short and to the the point, frequently work best. So, cut out all of the fluff and pitches; and instead give your visitors 5-6 bullet points that make a succinct case for your list.

3. Put your opt-in form above the “fold.” When someone loads your site, they should be able to see your opt-in form immediately. If they can’t, there’s a good chance they’ll exit your site before they even knew one existed. No matter how you spin this, it is a bad outcome that you should avoid. So make sure your opt-in form is high enough on the page.

And there you have it: how to build a mailing list that responds to your offers and grows, requires not only traffic generation, but also higher conversion rates. Take some time to re-evaluate your sales or squeeze page to determine why it isn’t converting. Consider implementing some of the changes mentioned in this article.

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