How to work with Clickbank

How to work with Clickbank

A: No problem. There are some countries that Clickbank does not allow and they have their own reasons for this. But there is good news…there are 1,000’s of other affiliate programs that you can promote that WILL accept your country. Here are some of the top affiliate networks online.

Try these!

You can also do a targeted search in Google for affiliate programs. Type in “industry + affiliate program”. Replace industry with the type of programs you are looking for…for example, this could be “dieting + affiliate programs”. You will get lots of results this way as well.

Q: Why should I listen to a word you say?

Answer: Good question – why should you listen to anything I have to say. Well the simple answer is because I am just like you – maybe just a bit more along the internet marketing success road at this stage – but I would have been really pleased to have someone like me when I first started out. It would have saved me a lot of time & money to have had someone like me point me in the right direction from day one that’s for sure.

Anyway… I created a page about myself here! I didn’t have an Internet Marketing degree or any special technical skills when I started. I was able to become an Internet Marketer selling Affiliate products due to hard work and focusing on learning from others who are more experienced than me.  When I think of how far I’ve come & how much I know already its mind boggling & exciting…and I want to share it with others like yourself. The Super Affiliate Marketing course that I am offering you is really a great way to get started and uses many techniques that WILL work as long as you follow the instructions, and never give up!

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