Latest SEO News – Paid Search versus Organic Results

Latest SEO News – Paid Search versus Organic Results

SEO News -according to the latest hot off the press statistics (Digital Marketing Performance Report), 2011 has started strongly for online marketing and paid search spend is on the rise this year. However according to the stats, the latest SEO news states that people are actually spending more time looking for and paying more attention to, organic searches – the searches they do themselves. Apparently 100% of all online searchers check out organic results and pay close attention to them.

The stats also say – “Search engine marketing showed 23 percent year-over-year growth in 2010, and 18 percent quarter-over-quarter growth during the last quarter of the year. This suggests that search marketing is going to be a competitive necessity in 2011.”

So what does that latest SEO News mean for the likes of you and me as internet marketers? It means that SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, still is and will continue to be a very important marketing tool in our online arsenal, and we better make sure we know how to use it effectively, and we better make sure we use it. We need to ensure that our sites offer quality content, that our marketing content is compelling and highly relevant to our customers, and we need to keep our customers regularly informed and updated on what we are doing and what we offer.

I am personally pleased to know that the latest SEO update confirms that giving my customers a quality experience is still front row centre because it means that I don’t have to spend an inordinate amount of money on paid search –like Adwords– to attract customers to my business. Offering quality product and services to customers, is the cornerstone of any successful business and online businesses are no different.

There is definitely a place for paid search in our online marketing businesses but it’s good to know that our businesses can earn us a good living if we offer our customers good old-fashioned relevant, quality content. Its important that us online marketers know how to use SEO effectively and keep up our businesses relevant, vibrant and productive.

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