Online Training & Resources

Online Training & Resources

There are a number of resources all affiliate or internet marketers need to help start and grow an online business, and I want to provide you with my personal review of some of the best on-line training and resources available. I will add to this list as I come across resources I’m happy to recommend.


TopGold Forum is quickly becoming the internet’s premier online finances Forum destination. They have reached over 3500 members and over 38500 posts in less than 8 short months, and are viewed by over 6,000 unique visitors daily. They are an authority and premier forum destination for affiliates, professional investors, forex traders,  and individuals who want to make a living online or simply earn more cash. A great place to interact and network with like minded people and businesses.

My personal opinion:    When I first started out I spent some time checking out various Internet Marketing training courses that turned out to be basically useless (believe me there are heaps of them out there!) I found Affilorama – a place where I could seriously get my on-line business moving onwards and upwards. Affilorama offered everything I needed.

It included more training than any $2000 training course could even attempt to offer. It included tools that people are paying several $100/month for alone. These include keyword tools, a website building tool, a Clickbank tool, and a content development tool.

It included services I was used to paying for, like Web Hosting. And it included something which I think is extremely valuable… personal support from the founder, Mark Ling. Mark is an incredibly successful internet marketer who has set up a training institute to share his considerable knowledge to help others achieve the same success.

And…the great thing is its FREE to get started! What more do you want to start your on-line business!

My personal opinion: This is another Affiliate Marketing Training company that offers what I consider a great service, particularly for new affiliate marketers – quality training, “done for you” resources, and personal coaching. Adam Short, the creator of Niche Profit Classroom, is an experienced marketer who teaches his members how to create simple 5-10 page content websites that can potentially generate between $500 and $1500 a month on complete autopilot. For those of you who want to fast-track your way to start earning on-line, this is something you may want to check out. There’s a $1 trial offer to get started.

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